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Ford Focus 4th Generation

The fourth-generation Focus is a technological showpiece, out to re-assert itself in a segment that’s still a core part of the UK fleet sector more

Added 10th April 2018

Electric Van MoT Loophole Closed

The Government has issued new guidance around electric vans requiring a MOT after Arval highlighted a ‘loophole’ in existing legislation that meant they did not have to undergo the test. more

Added 6th April 2018

Vauxhall Luton Plant Extended

PSA Group is extending the capacity of the Vauxhall van plant in Luton by almost 50%, with a new Vivaro on its own platform due to be built there, alongside Peugeot and Citroën vans, from mid-2019 more

Added 4th April 2018

MoT Loophole for Electric Vans

MoT Loophole for Electric Vans

The absence of MOT requirements for electric vans will bring operational difficulties for fleets, according to Arval, which is calling for the ‘loophole’ to be closed.

Although cars and vans must undergo their first MOT at three years, the requirement does not apply to electric vans – which potentially removes a key element of the maintenance structure for fleets running these vehicles.
Eddie Parker, fleet CV consultant at Arval, explained: “Because fleet vans are often run into three, four and five years, the MOT provides useful structure for fleets when it comes to maintaining vehicles, as well as proving that they are being looked after to legal standards.”
Parker added that a further complication was that electric vans were also legally viewed as wheeled items of electrical plant and therefore affected by rules covering electrical equipment in the workplace such as The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.
“The legislation here is largely common sense but it should be kept in mind because it does constitute a further legal responsibility for fleets and may need building into relevant fleet and health and safety policies.”
Despite this, Arval said electric vans bring many operational advantages and would become a key part of the fleet mix, driven by the adoption of Low Emission Zones and technology developments including improved range, faster charging and bigger payloads.

Source: Fleet World


Added: 2nd April 2018

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