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"Autonomous Cars" - A Danger To UK Roads

Thatcham Research and the ABI (Association of British Insurers) are today issuing an urgent call to carmakers and legislators for greater clarity around the capability of vehicles sold with technology that does more and more driving on behalf of motorists more

Added 14th June 2018

450km Range for Electric Niro

Kia’s forthcoming electric Niro SUV will offer a range of up to 450km when it launches in the UK next year, according to details released at the Busan International Motor Show in Korea. more

Added 8th June 2018

Skoda's Bulletproof Superb

Skoda has developed an armoured Superb Estate, available to buy from £118,688. more

Added 30th May 2018

LCV Tax Reform

LCV Tax Reform

The Government is set to announce a new tax system for light commercial vehicles during the next Budget, potentially including NOx and CO2 emissions for the first time.
The new rates would incorporate CO2 for the first time.
Stakeholders including manufacturers, fleets and drivers are being asked to participate in a consultation, launched this week, which will examine different ways that Vehicle Excised Duty, as well as the Van Benefit Charge and the Van Fuel Benefit Charge, can be reformed to encourage the use of greener light commercial vehicles.
The changes will affect N1 Light Goods Vehicles, which HM Treasury said had seen “no advance” in tax structure since 2001. Most LCVs have a £250 annual rate, regardless of fuel type or CO2 emissions, and take-up of ultra-low emission models has been low. There were 1,280 zero-emission vans (0g/km CO2) registered in 2016/17, representing 0.3% of the market.
As manufacturers have had to declare CO2 emissions since 2014, the proposal is to introduce a new set of bands based on vehicle emissions instead. This will mean zero-emission CVs could become VED-exempt, with a sliding scale thereafter. HM Treasury said a sliding CO2-based scale could also be applied to the Van Benefit Charge and Van Fuel Benefit Charge.
The consultation is also seeking views as to whether NOx emissions, which are now assessed as part of the Real Driving Emissions standard, could also be included, but added that it thought this was not appropriate at the moment. RDE has been part of the diesel passenger car tax system since April, following changes announced during last year’s Budget.
Replies are invited until the 20 July cut-off date, with final decisions and a timetable set to be announced during the 2018 Autumn Budget.

Source: Fleet World


Added: 15th May 2018

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